Another Earth (2011)
Premiered at Sundance
Budget: $100,000
Box Office: $1.8 million
Distributed: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Bronson (2008)
Premiered at BFI London Film Festival
Budget: $230,000
Box Office: $2.3 million
US Release: $104,979
Foreign Release: $2.2 million

Once (2007)
Premiered at Sundance
Budget: $150,000
Box Office: $23.3 million

Brick (2005) 
Premiered at Sundance
Budget: $450,000
Box Office: $3.9 million

Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
Premiered at Sundance
Budget: $400,000
Box Office: $46.1 million)

Pieces of April (2003)
Budget: $300,000
Box Office: $3.3 million

Good Will Hunting (1997)
Premiered at Fox Bruin Theatre
Budget: $10 million
Box Office: $225.9 million
You live for good movies.
You want to be a part of something meaningful and real.
You want to support a strong team of people who are following their dreams.
You are interested in the story and want to see it reach fruition.
You believe in the talents of the team.
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Many independent films succeed because of their plausibility and
ability to connect with the audience. This film is based upon the
writer’s own experience when he cyber-hitched a ride with a complete
stranger in order to see his long distance girlfriend. This film isn’t
a coming of age for the teenager, but it’s a story for the already
adult who needs to be reminded that life can still change, risks are
worth it, and love can be just around the corner.

MAYFIELDFILM, LLC seeks $500,000 to finance the entire budget of the
motion picture MAYFIELD, thereby funding the Limited Liability Company
formed solely for the film’s production.

We have raised the funds to begin production, but we are seeking to make this a GREAT film. Whether you invest $5,000 or $300,000 you can be a part of something special. The more you invest the better your return. This project has begun and you will not want to miss being a part of it! 

MAYFIELDFILM, LLC understands that as an investor the only thing more important than the return on an investment is the return on an investment. Although it cannot guarantee MAYFIELD will be profitable, our team is fully committed to securing the most beneficial distribution deal possible for investors. We are confident the distributors and audiences will enjoy MAYFIELD and MAYFIELDFILM, LLC proposes to repay investors in the following manner. 

Investors will receive 100% of the profits until they recoup 120% of their initial investment. Once they recoup 120% of their initial investment they will then receive 50% of the profits pro rata proportionately to their individual investments.

The information contained herein is provided solely for the purpose of
acquainting the reader with MAYFIELDFILM, LLC.

Investment in the motion picture industry is highly speculative and
inherently risky. MAYFIELDFILM, LLC can offer no assurance of the
economic performance of MAYFIELD since the revenues derived from the
production and distribution of the film depend primarily upon its
acceptance by the public, which cannot be predicted. The commercial
success of MAYFIELD also depends upon the quality and acceptance of
competing films with a presence in the marketplace at the same time
MAYFIELD is released, which also cannot be predicted.